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Tips for working out with an infant/toddler

Having a toddler is wonderful but can be very time consuming! So how do you get your workout in when so much of your time is spent keeping your little one entertained and safe? Here are some tips:

1. Incorporate your toddler: kiddos love to participate in what we are doing. Get them involved in your exercise routine and teach them how fun working out can be!

2. Maximize your workout efficiency: since time may be limited, it’s important to zero-in on getting the most out of your workout. Aim for getting close to failure by the end of each set or incorporate multiple body parts into one exercise to maximize results.

3. Utilize small time windows: you don’t have to complete all of your workout in one session. Incorporate short workouts throughout the day, it all adds up!

4. Give yourself grace! If you are raising littles, there are probably some (if not most 😅) days you are exhausted. This is a friendly reminder that you don’t have to be “in the best shape of your life” or “set a new PR” right now. All that matters is you taking the time, even 5-10 min a day, to prioritize yourself and just MOVE, whatever that might look like.

We believe in you, and remember, we always got your back 👊🏼

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