Danny M.

I was suffering from back pain that had started from an injury about 10 years prior and had gotten bad over the years but I had a significant flare up after running regularly to train for a race. I sought help from a doctor who initially wanted to give me an injection and provide pain and anti-inflammatory meds with no treatment plan in sight. I asked the doctor for a physical therapy referral as I was seeking initial treatment that avoided meds and surgery. I began seeing a chiropractor for a few weeks which provided some initial relief but didn't seem to last. I then began seeing a physical therapist at a large well-known facility but unfortunately was met with a cookie cutter approach that didn't seem to address my issues. I had seen several different practitioners but wasn't able to get relief for my symptoms for longer than a few days.

I had been referred to Claire by a friend who had gotten treatment for a running injury to his knee. She got me running and lifting again better than I was before and gave me a solid plan to manage my back pain and prevent it from getting worse. I also have been getting treatment from Kari for a shoulder injury from jiu-jitsu that limited my range of motion and caused pain. After 2 sessions my mobility has improved, pain has been reduced, and I'm able to lift again. Not only do they get you back on your feet but they take the time to educate you so you can understand their methodology. Can't recommend Prevail enough.

The therapists at Prevail have extensive knowledge in the field and many years of experience on top of being life-long athletes themselves. Their treatments involve dry-needling, deep massage, and their modality has truly provided lasting relief. My wife and I have been happily seeing the physical therapists at Prevail for several years now.