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woman with hand on head and other hand on wall

Vestibular Physical Therapy

We can treat dizziness and vestibular (inner ear) issues at Prevail PT.

Dizziness can either be an ongoing issue that comes and goes during the day or week, but still leaves you functioning, or it can be a debilitating sudden-onset of massive dizziness that settles once you go still for 30 seconds or so.

This first type of dizziness is often caused by postural positioning and issues in the upper neck and head, and feels like you just got off the Teacups ride at Disney. It is called cervicogenic dizziness.

The second type is often much more profound and changes your ability to function. This type is called BPPV and occurs when you have a dysfunction in the inner ear that can sometimes be fixed in as little as one treatment. Some people have a combination of both issues.

At Prevail, we can help differentiate between the two issues, treat the cause and give you things to do at home to self treat and/or help prevent it from recurring.

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