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1. I have been to physical therapy in the past, and the PT was working with three patients at the same time. Will this happen at Prevail?  

No. Our patients are our number one priority. We work exclusively one-on-one, so that we can devote our full attention to you during your session, and help you get back to doing the things you love as quickly as possible!

2. Will I just be performing the same exercises I do at home during my PT sessions?

No. At Prevail, all of our therapists are experts in hands on (manual) therapy. Our treatment sessions are focused on treating soft tissue and joint restrictions, and providing pain relief. We then utilize novel corrective exercises during our sessions to train your body to perform movement patterns that are specific to your goals. 

3. Do I have to be an elite athlete to be a patient at Prevail?

No. We believe in helping all of our patients achieve their fitness and wellness goals. Whether the goal is to run a marathon, or to simply enjoy living pain-free, we can work with you to optimize your health. Our therapists have decades of success treating all types of orthopedic injuries - from sprains and strains to total joint replacements.

4. Can I use my HSA/FSA card to pay for physical therapy?

Yes! FSA and HSA accounts are appropriate sources of payment, and the card information can be added to your patient profile just like a credit card. We will provide receipts for your records, as well. 

5. Do you accept insurance for physical therapy?

We are out-of-network with private insurance, and have no relationship with Medicare.  After years of being confined to the limits of insurance-based practice, we feel strongly that the most effective and efficient care comes when therapists and patients are in charge of treatment decisions (including what type of treatment, how many visits, the duration of each visit).  We find that we can see patients for fewer visits by employing our treatment model of one-on-one, hour-long, manual-based sessions.  In addition, we can see our patients for any type of joint pain or condition that warrants physical therapy without having to wait for approval. For instance, if a patient has been seen for neck pain, and when they arrive at their scheduled visit, they no longer have neck pain, but would like to address their chronic knee pain, we can do so during that session (or address both the neck and knee pain in the same session). With an insurance-based plan, we would have to wait for approval from the insurance company (which can take days or weeks) before addressing a different issue.  We encourage our patients to check with their insurance regarding out-of-network coverage, which varies greatly by plan. Often patients are reimbursed a significant portion of the costs, which amounts to the same as they would have paid as a co-pay at an in-network facility.

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