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Happy Valentine's Day to YOU!

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

heart shaped cookie cutter

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, this is your friendly reminder to show YOURSELF some love with these self-care tips:

couple running

MOVE: Whether it’s a 10 minute walk or a 60 minute run, find some way to move your body each day.

fresh foods

NOURISH: Instead of thinking, “I shouldn’t eat this or that,” focus on what you can ADD to your diet to fuel yourself and give you the energy to do the activities you love.

woman in yoga pose

DE-STRESS: Spend a little bit of time everyday working on decreasing stress. That could be meditation/prayer, stretching, reading a good book - whatever is relaxing for you.

woman sleeping

RESTORE: So often we deprive ourselves of sleep to be more “productive,” but this drains us both physically and mentally and can end up negatively affecting our productivity in the long-run. By prioritizing rest, we allow ourselves to recover from the previous day, thus giving us the energy we need to conquer the day ahead!

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