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Would I benefit from a Tai Chi Class?

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

tai chi class

Tai Chi is an ancient practice involving practicing a series of the same moves in a slow, controlled manner. It includes balance, strength, breathing, and calming. The martial aspects of tai chi are also relevant for self defense. Tai chi has been shown in many studies to improve balance and fear of falling. This article has a nice summary of many aspects of tai chi and the results of the study.

I have been practicing tai chi for over 16 years, for the last 7 years at 4 Winds Martial Arts in Apex. There are a few things about Tai Chi that are particularly interesting to me. The first is that this is a life-long practice. Learning it at any time is useful and will continue to be useful for your entire life. Especially after injuries or illnesses it is a great way to get going again. The second is the dramatic effects on balance and walking. Without having to “try” to change something during walking or stepping, the improvements that occur over time of smoothness, not bumping into things, and confidence are wonderful. The third is application. The movements of Tai Chi are the foundations for so many things including stepping out of the shower, surfing, swinging a baseball bat or golf club, and so much more!

Tai Chi has been a part of my physical therapy interventions for a long time, and so anyone can learn from me in individual session times. Tai Chi is infinitely adaptable to any difficulties an individual may have. There is also great benefit to the class environment and learning from each other and working in collective energy, so I am offering some classes now as well! There will be 2-3 per month at some different times to allow as much participation as possible! To join, you do not need to be a current physical therapy patient, though you will need to make an account through the website to be able to sign up for the class. Hope to see you, family, and friends there!

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