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Hand on head

Concussion rehabilitation

Symptoms after a concussion can include dizziness and vertigo, headaches, neck pain, balance difficulties, and trouble coordinating vision with daily activities.  These symptoms sometimes get gradually better over time on their own, and sometimes last for years.  At Prevail, we can help you retrain your brain to improve these symptoms with specialized exercises focused on your issues.  A beginning exercise may be focusing on a single point and slowly moving your head side to side.  An example of a high level exercise is standing on one foot, moving your eyes between two points and answering math questions!  We will also use manual therapy, dry needling, and exercise to improve more common neck and headache symptoms. There is also the option to include biodynamic craniosacral therapy for these symptoms.  Let us help you get back to exercise, being on a computer, or focusing throughout the day!

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