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Sinus headache? Try this sinus massage.

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

As we start to settle into the colder months, many of us will at some point come down with a cold/sinus infection/etc. These head colds can cause face/head tension, making us even more miserable 😩.

If you’re suffering from increased sinus pressure, try these self-massage tips. Hopefully they will not only help your sinuses but also relieve some tension!

For each area: apply gentle pressure and massage in small circles:

frontal sinus massage

-Frontal sinuses: Start at the bridge of your nose and follow the path of your eyebrows.

temporalis massage

-Temporalis muscle: Massage along your temples and towards your outer hair line.

maxillary sinus massage

-Maxillary sinuses: Start near the base of your nose near the inside of your cheek. Move your fingers towards your ears, following just under your cheek bones.

TMJ massage

-TMJ (temporomandibular joint): To find your TMJ, place fingers near where your cheek bone meets your jaw bone (you can check to make sure you’re in the right place by opening and closing your mouth: you should feel a slight gap with opening).

Note: not all of these tips are appropriate for everyone. Always consult with your local PT prior to beginning a new exercise/massage routine.

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