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Cash-based PT: how it can save you money and speed up your recovery

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As insurance costs are rising and reimbursement is diminishing, more and more patients are switching to cash-based physical therapy. Let's talk about the 6 top benefits of cash-based PT and how this care model can not only get you better faster but also save you money in the process!

1. No surprise bills: With cash-based PT, all costs are upfront and all-inconclusive. If you and your therapist decide you would benefit from dry needling - no extra charge. Need a theraband to do your home exercises - no extra charge. Want to try cupping - you guessed it, no extra charge. You will never have to worry about getting a large bill with unexpected charges months after your PT appointment. At Prevail, you can rest assured we will always be fully transparent with the cost of treatment and your plan of care (extra bonus: we do accept FSA and HSA cards if this is applicable to you).

2. Skilled physical therapy the ENTIRE treatment session: At many big-box insurance-based clinics, patients will sometimes only spend 10-15 min with a physical therapist and spend the rest of their treatment session doing exercises while being "monitored" by an aide. At Prevail, you will spend the entire 60 min of your treatment session one-on-one with a licensed physical therapist. No double booking, no running through a list of cookie-cutter exercises you can do by yourself at home. All treatment is skilled and evidence-based.

3. More hands-on treatment = faster recovery time: Since you are having more one-on-one skilled care, your PT is able to more easily identify the root cause of your injury and implement individualized treatment strategies to speed up your recovery time and get you back to doing what you love as soon as possible. This skilled care not only speeds up your recovery but also often results in fewer visits so you are spending less money and time overall.

4. Incorporate preventative care to save you money in the future: Another benefit of cash-based PT is we are able to assess and treat other musculoskeletal impairments that could potentially place you at risk for injury later on if left untreated. Preventing future injury not only protects your health but also saves you lots of medical expenses down the line.

5. Care NOT dictated by insurance: Being out of network with insurance releases PTs from the confines of insurance billing and allows them to treat patients based on their patients' actual needs. This also gives us the added benefit of being able to pivot a patient's treatment plan. If you are seeing PT for neck pain but come in one day with an injured knee, some insurances require prior authorization for a PT to assess and treat that new injury. At a cash-based clinic, we can adjust our treatment whenever it is warranted, no prior authorization required.

6. Concierge PT with quick provider communication: At Prevail, our patients are our priority and we pride ourselves in our timely responsiveness. We WANT our patients to reach out to us, whether that's to ask us a question about their home exercises or simply to tell us they're doing great!

We hope this adds some clarity regarding cash-based PT. If you have other questions concerning a cash-based model or are interested in scheduling an appointment at Prevail, click the link below to contact us!

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